R2DS Team

We can offer hardware and software design, organize production or offer consulting and revision for hardware and software

Company was founded in 2014 by experts having longtime experience with design and production of high demanding and reliable telecommunication, automotive and measurement electronics.

R2DS is a hardware and software solution providing company which listen to customers needs and provide best solution for their wishes. Our team of high motivated, focused and dedicated experts is ready to solve problems and always looking for new challenges.

Products references

  • Smart home solutions
  • Hardware and software extensions for commercial of the self UHF radios
  • Measurement and monitoring systems for use in particle accelerators
  • Systems for post production testing
  • Automated real life twisted pair simulators for evaluation of xDSL products
  • Ultra low power autonomous measurements and alarm systems
  • Special power supply solutions (low power, high efficiency, ultra high isolation voltage,…)
  • Magnetic components (ultra low distortion high temperature range signal transformers, low leakage power supply transformers,…)
  • xDSL modem with E1 and Ethernet interface
  • Remote powering solution for DSLAMs and other systems over telecom twisted pairs cables
  • POTS and Ethernet pair gain systems over SHDSL
  • GPS Tracking devices

Satisfied customers

List of our happy customers is getting longer by each month. Some of them are:

  • http://www.cosylab.si
  • http://naglic.si
  • http://www.profel.si